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Nice things clients say about me

"Piece after piece, I was always impressed with Maria and her high-quality and creative work. She could turn the most mundane deals like a haircut or smog check into a work of art. One such great example is comparing cutting one's hair to trimming trees for summer. The copy was not only entertaining to read, but delivered on-time and flowed unbelievably well. 

We rarely, and I mean, RARELY had edits for Maria, but when we did, she was fast to make changes and open to any and all criticism. She was purely a joy to work with and I highly recommend her for any copy needs your company is looking for. If I ever need any freelance help again, she's the first person I'm contacting."
- Alisha Ochoa, editor
"We had an incredibly heavy workload and were still searching for a unique voice for our site. Maria came on board and not only helped us greatly improve our turnaround time for building our deals, but her fresh, playful writing style helped to shape the tone of our site. 
Maria never backed away from even the most difficult assignments we sent her, always turned in work with impeccable speed, and embraced any feedback we sent wholeheartedly."
- Elizabeth Fairchild, editor